30 specialist growersPlant Growers and Nurseries
(and other exhibitors)

The perfect weekend for green thumbs and budding gardeners where you can meet more than forty nurseries and plant growers with a vast range of bulbs, plants and perennials on offer in the one location.

Gather knowledge with free gardening talks and information all weekend or directly pick the brains of your favourite grower or specialist.

Plant growers

Alameda Homestead Nursery – Judy and David are Australia's largest growers of hybrid clematis, producing approximately 80,000 plants. New Release varieties will be on sale. Alameda Homestead Nursery also produces Wisteria, Mandevilla, Stephanotis, Phaseolus and Lavender.

Antique Perennials – Matt specialises in rare perennials, alpines, and bulbs. This includes some remarkable Primulas, Epimediums and Geraniums plus a range of Prairie and Woodland species. A wonderfull opportunityy to find something great from a wholesale nursery not normally open to the public.

Australian Begonia Company Candybell– Martin is a Begonia, Peony Rose and South African Bulb expert. He is bringing a display of magnificent, large flowering Tuberous Begonias in full glorious flower. He also has Peonies, Brunsvigia, Haemanthus, Boophane and more. He also has Cane type and Rex begonias, Lapageria and Streptocarpus.

Australian Bulb Company – Marie has grown all her lovely plants specially for this event, she has a range of rare and unusual perennials, shrubs and trees including Ginger lilies,Carnations, Lisianthus and other exotic perennials. She also has the rare Itoh Peony hybrids plus a range of other Peonies, special Brugmanisas, Galanthus and Trilliums.

Australian Rhododendron Society (Victoria) –  A wealth of in-depth knowledge and wisdom all about the wonders of the colourful Rhododendron genus. Vireya Rhododendrons are in flower at the time so they will be the focus of the show. Also included is a range of new, rare and unusual species for show and sale on the weekend.

Australian Succulents - Atilla Kapitany is Australia's most famous succulent grower. His garden is open regularly and it is amazing. He has a huge range of succulents of all shapes and sizes. All his cuttings are of the highest quality.

Bass Valley African Violets – Annette and Stephen have a beautiful array of African Violets and their collection keeps growing every year. Bring along your questions as they know all the tricks of the trade as well. A huge stock of colours and easy to grow potting system and a range of supplies.

Bryan H Tonkin – A mother and daughter family business which has been established for 60 years. Shirley and Jane specialise in hard to find garden gems. They grow Crocus, Fritillaria, Erythroniums, Nerines, Galanthus, Paeonies, Liliums, Hosta, Lily of the Valley, Sandersonia and much more..

Collings Wholesale – In pots and tubes, Yvonne and Phil have a great array of stock not usually available direct to the public. Includes Capsicum, Hebes, Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and a huge range of Sedum.

Country Farm Perennials – Growers of unusual and rare perennials, including exciting new releases. Also a licensed travel agent conducting Australian and overseas Garden Holidays. Merryl and David have a tremendous amount of plant knowledge and are happy to offer advice for your home garden. Their selection of plants is just spectacular.

Club Creek Bulb Farm – Adrian specialises in growing Liliums of all shapes and sizes. He will have on display a large range of garden Lilium bulbs includes some unique varieties, some he has bred himself and rare species.

Devon Tubestock Nursery- specialising in rare plants and landscaping lines. Nick and Sarah pride themselves in their range of rare plants from all over the world. THey also have some stunning fuchsias on offer.

Di’s Delightful Plants – A broad range of perennials lovingly potted by this family business. Di, Clive and Simon’s stock includes Salvias, Penstemon, Cistus, Lavender, as well as some rare and unusual plants. Plus they have a delicious range of Renaissance Herbs.

Drewitt's Bulbs – Colin and Tim are rare ‘bulbsmen’ as father and son it must run in the blood. Their specialty is daffodil bulbs but it doesn’t stop there. Colin also sells garden trains and accessories, for kids both little and big! And that is still not all - Tim knows all there is to know about poultry and is an expert on how they can be utilised in your garden.

Ewood - Peter has dedicated his life to creating this fantastic product. eWood is a unique and robust timber replacement material made in Moama NSW using recycled plastics previously destined for landfill. These plastics could be sourced from such items as printer cartridges, computers, printers, televisions, vehicle dashboards and other electronic equipment. eWood offer Raised Garden Beds ( in kit form ), Planks and Sleepers throughout Australia via our website and a growing number of independent expert gardening centres ( not major hardware chains ). It is 100% Australian Owned, safe to use for food crops, versatile and easy to use, fire and weather resistant, termite and rot proof not to mention environmentally friendly and maintenance free! Check out his display for ideas in your home garden.

Golden Seal Herbs & Smudgesticks – Anthony is passionate about theses special plants. He specialsies in rare North American medicinal herbs. As well as selling the plants, he has a range of dried herbs and smudgesticks. This is very special, you won’t see these plants very often.

Hancock’s Daffodils – Christine and Will have a huge range of Daffodils, Jonquils and many other bulbs. They grow only the best varieties tested for our climate frlom their long established breeding program and other breeders world-wide.



Johns Clivia’s – John fell in love with Clivia many years ago and since then has propagated, bred and imported Clivia from all around the world. Some very rare and unusual varieties including yellows, pale peach, lots of different oranges, spidery flowers, tulip shaped flowers and a variety of mature pots ready to flower. You would be hard pressed to find a man more passionate and knowledgeable on the subject of the Clivia.

John Presley – John has delicious, fragrant bulbs of fresh Australian Garlic. Plant it in your garden, or cook it in your kitchen! John will also be speaking this Expo imparting some of his extensive knowledge on how to grow this useful bulb.

Misty Downs – Peter is a perennial and rose specialist. He stocks a beautiful array of plants and is keen to offer practical gardening advice. He also has an extensive range of fabulous Peony Roses.

Morris Outside - is known by many a Farmer, Gardener or Trades People for manufacturing high quality added protective wear, such as the popular Boot Guard,specialised Gardening glove or Kangaroo Leather High Performance Gloves. Jan and Richard pride themselves where possible to make or source materials here in Australia. The Kangaroo leather is sourced from a 5th Generation award winning business. Most of the products are designed by us or by requests from our Customers to give added protection for a range of medical conditions and lessen the risk of infection or allergies.

PBM Nurseries - This family owned wholesale nursery specialises in quality bare-rooted and potted deciduous trees. Phil and his family take pride in selecting their varieties which include Liquidambars (standards too), Crab Apples, Pears ... well over 500 different varieties!

Peter Teese’s Yamina Rare Plants – This renowned nursery was founded by Arnold Teese and has been family operated for over 58 years. Peter has amassed a huge range of rare, exotic and unusual plants. Including Conifers, Magnolias, Maples, Arums and many more. He also offers plant sourcing, contract growing, landscaping quotes and expert horticultural advice.

Post Office Farm Nursery – Peter Leigh from Post Office Farm Nursery has been breeding Hellebores (Winter Roses) for over 20 years. His Hellebores are grown from carefully hand pollinated seedlings from the finest stock plants. The range of colours and forms in Post Office Farm Nursery Hellebores is amazing. Hellebores are easy to grow, they flower in winter when colour is most valuable, and boast a wonderful variety of flower colours and forms, as well as providing evergreen foliage in the garden.

Ranges Wholesale NurseryYou won’t see the forest for the trees with Sally and Amanda’s fabulous range of trees and shrubs. Varieties include Dwarf Pomegranate, Crepe Myrtles, Spirea, Weigla, Anigozanthos, Vibernum as well as a range of general shrubs, trees and perennials.

Rayner’s Orchard are a boutique fruit orchard in the Yarra Valley that grows over 350 varieties of fruit including peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, tamarillo, pomegranate, persimmon, pepino, feijoa, guava, kiwi fruit, dutch medlar and various citrus throughout winter. Their shop sells a large range of fruit trees as well as yummy jams, chutneys, bottled fruit, dried fruit, pure fruit juices, fruit leathers, fruit pies and seasonal fresh fruit.

Seedscape Seeds - Noel and Judy love their plants. They have been in the nursery industry for many years specialising in perennials. Their latest venture is seeds - not just planting their own but sharing them with you. They have an extensive range of classic beauties as well as rare treats.

Silkies Rose Farm - Diana and Graham Sargeant are Consulting Rosarians from Silkies Rose Farm at Clonbinane who always display a most amazing range of potted roses along with more than 30 vases of cut rose blooms so that you can see and smell the rose varieties you would like to grow in your garden. You are very welcome to bring roses from your garden for identification or dimensions for rose garden design too, they are always happy to help.

Sunvalley Plants Nursery - Rod and Kay have a selection of Australian natives plants in 3" tubes. These include Adenanthos (woolly bush), Correa, Dampiera, Eremophila, Grevillea's and a selection of ground covers. Sunvalley Plants Nursery also have a range of grafted Grevillea's and tall standards and the new Acacia Dazzler on a tall graft.

The Salvia Society A society devoted to all things Salvia. A drought hardy plant with great diversity. A beautiful selection of flowers. Including many new and rare varieties.

Tempo Two - Heidi grew up on a Bearded Iris Farm. She knows all there is to know about these gorgeous plants and grows only the best varieties. She has an unrivalled range of tall, median and dwarf cultivars to tantalise you with. She also offers an impressive range of organic vegetable and herb seedlings.

Telopea Mountain Nursery - Peter from Telopea Mountain Nursery is also known as ‘Pete the Permie’ he embraces permaculture design and knows all its ins and outs. He is also very clever with fruit trees and grows a massive range of 1000+ heritage fruit varieties Biodynamically, including 500 apples. But his talents don’t stop there, he can also tell you a thing or two about cider making, cheese making, espaliering and we are sure much much more.

Tesselaar Bulbs –A family business for more than 70 years, now in its third generation. Tesselaar have been serving Australian gardeners with quality ‘garden worthy’ products since 1939. Tesselaar have a huge range of spring flowering bulbs including tulips, daffodils, anemones, ranunculi and more – don’t miss the exciting Expo specials available over the weekend.

Van Berkel Farms – Greg and his father Joost have been supplying Australia with Dahlias for over 50 years. They have an exciting array of Cacti, Decorative, Giant Decorative and other varieties of Dahlias including new imports from America and around the world.

Vanderbyl Vireya Nursery - Anton and Riana are a specialist Vireya Rhododendron growers. They established their nursery on the North Coast of NSW 30 years ago and now produce up to 60 varieties and species of Vireya Rhododendron, specialising in Saperstein hybrids. Vireya’s are easy to grow plant suitable as shrubs, pots or hanging baskets. They have fabulous bright flowers in a huge variety of colours. Some even have a gorgeous perfume.

White House Nursery – ete and Jess grow a fantastic range of rare and unusual bulbs, plants and trees. They stock all the stuff you want, but can never find! They have over 20 varieties of that perennial favourite, carnations - such giving plants. They also have a heady selection of hops to choose from - decorative and productive!

Yamina Collectors Nursery - Don Teese has been part of the nursery industry all of his life, with his father Arnold Teese starting Yamina in 1954 , with Don working the nursery for over 50 years and travelling the world he has a wealth of knowledge of plants and the natural world which is his passion. Yamina Collectors Nursery is still on the original site and has over a 1000 different varieties of plants , RARE, HARD TO FIND , or OLD FASHIONED SPECIES that are no longer available in the nursery trade. They propagate 90% of our own stock which they source from far and wide , Don regularly goes on seed and cutting collecting trips so there is always somehting new and interesting coming on . They pride themselves on old fashion service, and love to help customers by sharing their knowledge of plants and gardening . Their stall will be filled with variety and they are looking forward to seeing you all and hope you can find a treasure or two .

Garden Sundries

Aussie Shade & Hot Houses – Derek and Pam specialise in high quality, Australian made shade and hot houses. They are designed for our harsh conditions and backed up by excellent service. Their difference – built in shelving and a unique roof design (rounded, not apex style) which gives the most efficient use of space for pot plants as well as ample room to move inside the house. Plant stands, work benches, custom made shelving for greenhouses and garden art is also available. Their structures are strong and sturdy with a huge range of models and sizes – there is one to suit your requirements.

F.D.Ryan Toolmakers - Quality Australian made garden tools. Following in the tradition of his blacksmith Grandfather, James makes high quality Artisan tools for the discerning gardener. Trowels, weeders, hoe, forks and spades, all made in Melbourne from high carbon steel and heat treated for strength and hardness. Unique designs blending tradition with aesthetics and function. These tools are a beauty to behold and a delight to use.

Pro-Kut – Dionne has a range of top quality Garden tools including Ratchet Secateurs, Ratchet Powerloppers and Telescopic Pole and Pruner. Pro-Kut offer the quality and labour saving tools from 2WP. These revolutionary tools are a boon in the garden.

WaterWand - A WaterWand is a solar-powered garden pump designed to deliver the right amount of water to your plants. It can be used to water garden beds, hanging baskets, vertical walls, flowerpots, in the greenhouse and for hydroponics. It’s great for establishing saplings and it’s perfect for vegetables.

Scout's Charity Plant Crèche - Save your back and store your purchases with the Monbulk Scouts. For a gold coin donation they will also transport your goodies to your car.

Food Vendors

Caffe Alfresco – Margaret and Neville make delicious coffee, tea and hot chocolates, as well as some yummy biscuits.

Country Fair Poffertjes – Wiel and Philomein make the most delicious Dutch treat, Poffertjes. In Holland you can find them in Poffertjes Parlours, carnivals and country fairs. Poffertjes date back hundreds of years, and through Dutch influences have reached as far as the Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the West Indies and of course here in Australia. The traditional way of eating Poffertjes is with icing sugar and butter, but you can also have them with a range of toppings such as lemon, maple, strawberry or chocolate with the ultimate indulgence jam and cream. Country Fair Poffertjes was founded in 1976. They also have yummy Croquettes, Sandwiches and drinks.

Fire ‘n’ Stone Scones – Fresh from the oven, some of the most delicious scones you have ever tasted! Anja makes all the scones by hand and cooks them in a wood fired oven. They are fresh and delicious! The range includes sweet and savoury. Have them here, and take them home!

Emerald CFA – When their not out saving homes and fighting fires the men and women of this noble service are behind the BBQ raising money. Enjoy delicious food and support a worthy cause.

Timboon Fine Ice-cream – delicious gourmet ice-cream home made from quality all natural ingredients. The innovative flavours include white chocolate and raspberry, Irish cream and the gold medal winning Turkish Delight. Very tempting.

Victorian Baked Potatoes – John and Mia bake delicious potatoes with a variety of toppings. They have an established reputation as the best in the business.