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The perfect weekend for green thumbs and budding gardeners where you can meet more than fifty specialist growers with a unique range of new, rare and unusual plants on offer in the one location. Gather knowledge with free gardening talks and information all weekend or directly pick the brains of your favourite grower or specialist.

Plant growers

Alameda Homestead Nursery – Judy and David are Australia's largest producers of hybrid clematis, producing approximately 80,000 plants. New Release varieties on sale. Alameda Homestead Nursery also produces Wisteria, Mandevilla, Stephanotis, Phaseolus and Lavender.

Antique Perennials – Matt specialises in rare perennials, alpines, and bulbs. This includes some remarkable Primulas, Epimediums and Geraniums. A wonderfull opportunityy to find something great from a wholesale nursery not normally open to the public.

Australian Begonia Company Candybell – Martin is a Begonia expert. He is bringing a huge display of magnificent, large flowering Tuberous Begonias. These are beautifully grown big plants in full glorious flower. Full range of lovely Australian bred varieties. They will be both on display and on sale. He also has Cane type and Rex begonias, Lapageria and Streptocarpus.

Australian Bulb Company –Marie and Peter have grown all their lovely plants specially for this event, they have a range of rare and unusual perennials, shrubs and trees including Ginger Lilies, Carnations, Lisianthus and other exotic perennials.

Australian Rhododendron Society (Victoria) –  A wealth of in-depth knowledge and wisdom all about the wonders of the colourful Rhododendron genus. Vireya Rhododendrons are in flower at the time so they will be the focus of the show. Also included is a range of new, rare and unusual species for show and sale on the weekend.

Bamboo Creations - grow some of the World's most beautiful and exotic bamboos; from the Himalayas comes the rare and beautiful red bamboo called 'Candy cane'. From Mexico we have the stunning Mexican weeping bamboo. You will also find bamboo with cane colors ranging from blue, purple, black to electric yellows with green pinstripes. There are ground covers to tall timber giants.

Bass Valley African Violets – Annette and Stephen have a beautiful array of African Violets their collection grows every year. Bring along your questions as they know all the tricks of the trade as well. A huge stock of colours and easy to grow potting system.

B&T Ferns & Orchids – Mark and Judy have been specialising in a wide range of native orchids as well as imported species, ferns and Phalaenopsis orchids for many years. Spectacular flowers and an excellent reputation in the industry. In addition they are bringing along a fantastic selection of Proteas which are colourful and garden hardy.

Blue Lotus Water Garden a family business which produces spectacular Lotus flowers and plants. Across 14 acres in the Yarra Junction Geoff and his team have a beautiful display garden open to the public. He also supplies Australia with a unique range of pond and container grown water plants. Including Lotus, Lilies and aquatic Canna Lilies.

Bryan H Tonkin – A mother and daughter family business which has been established for 60 years. Shirley and Jane specialise in hard to find garden gems. They specialise in Crocus, Fritillaria, Erythroniums, Nerines, Galanthus, Paeonies, Liliums, Hosta, Lily of the Valley, Sandersonia and much more..

C&M Drewitt – Colin and Tim are rare ‘bulbsmen’ as father and son it must run in the blood. Their specialty is daffodil" class="link2">daffodil bulbs but it doesn’t stop there. Colin also sells garden trains and accessories, for kids both little and big! And that is still not all - Tim knows all there is to know about poultry and is an expert on how they can be utilised in your garden. He will be bringing along a great display of his best birds.

Collings Wholesale – In pots and tubes, a great array of stock not usually available direct to the public. Includes Capsicum, Hebes, Blueberries and a huge range of Sedum.

Country Farm Perennials – Growers of unusual and rare perennials, including exciting new releases. Also a licensed travel agent conducting Australian and overseas Garden Holidays. Merryl and David have a tremendous amount of plant knowledge and are happy to offer advice for your home garden. Their selection of plants is just spectacular.

Devon Tubestock Nursery - specialising in rare plants, tubes, and landscaping lines. Devon prides itself in rare plants from all over the world having been in the business more than 50 years. These specialist propagators grow unusual, rare or uncommon lines for the nursery trade which are rare to find wholesale and all in one place.

Di’s Delightful Plants – flowering perennials, succulents, trees, herbs and shrubs with approximately 150 varieties in total on sale at the Gardening and Rare plants Expo. New Releases include; drought tolerant Salvia varieties, species native to the arid climates of Arizona, Texas and Mexico which are well suited to water restricted Australian gardens. Simon, Di and Clive all work hard to bring such a diverse array of plants. To keep prices down many of their plants are tube stock, so if you don’t mind waiting a couple of extra months for your plants to grow you can save big bucks.

Doradi Creations – Adam makes the most gorgeous mini cacti and succulents which are just too cute. They are planted in a range of designer thumb sized terra cotta pots and planters all set to go in gift packaging. See his unusual key chains with real live plants.

James Lucas Succulents – A huge range of these hardy plants. In a massive variety of colours shapes and sizes. James is always seeking new forms of theses easy care and drought tolerant plants to bring to the Expo.

Johns Clivia’s – John fell in love with Clivia many years ago and since then has propagated, bred and imported Clivia from all around the world. Some very rare and unusual varieties including yellows, pale peach, lots of different oranges, spidery flowers, tulip shaped flowers and a variety of mature pots ready to flower. You would be hard pressed to find a man more passionate and knowledgeable on the subject of the Clivia.

Lake Nurseries - a vast range of spring flowering bulbs, winter flowering bulbs, summer flowering bulbs and new and interesting perennials.

Lambley Nursery - set around an old farmhouse in the hot dry wind swept plains of the central Victorian Goldfields, specialises in dry climate plan. David Glenn is a renown nurseryman who has an eye for a good plant and is always increasing his range of hardy plants. He will have a range of species bulbs on display at the show.

Natural Plantscape – A great selection of Australian natives. Their range includes Acacia, Adenanthos, Banksia, Callistemon, Correa, Crowea, Dampiera, Eremophila (large range of colors), Eucalyptus, Grasses (one of Australia's largest selections of Lomandra, Eremophilla (Emu Bush) and Tree correa’s ) … and more and more!

Oz Water Gardens – Darryl, Marita and their team at Oz Watergardens has set Australia’s benchmark as the leading wholesale water lily and aquatic plant production nursery. They cater for the needs of people who wish to create a tranquil oasis, a piece of paradise or a frog friendly environment. plants for the smallest waterbowl to the largest ornamental lake. They have a dedicated and enthusiastic team producing Australia’s best quality waterplants.

Pearcedale Iris Farm –Tim will be bringing along a massive selection of Bearded Iris and Daylilies. This includes all new varieties with some amazing colours and huge falls. Both are super hardy plants coming in a huge array of colours.

Post Office Farm Nursery – Peter breeds superior forms of Helleborus x hybridus as well as growing a comprehensive range of the less commonly available Helleborus species and hybrids, including doubles. Post Office Farm Nursery grows thousands of Helleborus x hybridus from the best imported seed from the UK, Germany and the US. Hellebores are easy to grow, they flower in winter when colour is most valuable, and boast a wonderful variety of flower colours and forms, as well as providing evergreen foliage in the garden.

Ranges Wholesale Nursery – You won’t see the forest for the trees with Sally and Amanda’s fabulous range of trees and shrubs. Varieties include Dwarf Pomegranate, Crepe Myrtles, Spirea, Weigla, Anigozanthos, Vibernum as well as a range of general shrubs, trees and perennials.

Ron Lilies -

T&G Wylaars – Peter specialises in the gorgeous Cyclamen hederifolium. Pink and white forms available.

The Salvia Society A society devoted to all things Salvia. A drought hardy plant with great diversity. A beautiful selection of flowers. Including many new and rare varieties.

Tanglewood Creations – Peter and Rosemary have a great array of potted herbs available for sale. In addition Peter has created some innovative and individual garden fencing, trellises and furniture made from all natural products. Both very artistic, Rosemary also creates magnificent scarecrows.

Tesselaar Bulbs – A family business for more than 70 years in its third generation serving Australian Gardeners with quality "garden worthy" products since 1939. Tesselaar have a huge range of spring flowering bulbs including tulips, daffodils, anemones, ranunculi and more – don’t miss the exciting Expo specials available over the weekend.

Triffid Park is a family owned business specialising in mail order and wholesale carnivorous plants. In 2008 Donna and Jason relocated premises, after trading at 2 different locations for over 30 years, and have constructed a new purpose built, environmentally friendly, carnivorous plant poly house – the first of its kind in Australia. They grow a large range of rare and unusual carnivorous plants for the collectors market, and sell them within Australia and internationally.  They are the largest mail and web order carnivorous plant nursery in Australia, with all approved government certificates. plants inlcude Drosera, Nepenthes, Dionaea, Pinguicula and more.

Tree Top Flowers - See exotic plants you’ve only heard about through rumour, in books or in Botanic Gardens. Peter & his daughter Grace have an astonishing collection of bulbs and perennials from around the world.

Tuff Tubes – Assorted tubestock. Easy to grow range at excellent prices.

Van Berkel Farms – Greg and his father Josh have been supplying Australia with Dahlias for over 50 years. They have an exciting array of Cacti, Decorative, Giant Decorative and other varieties of Dahlias including new imports from America and around the world.

Yamina Rare plants – Peter, Don and “the other” Peter have a range of columnar, or narrow trees for planting in small or confined spaces. Dichondra versicolor or Evergreen Hydrangea. Shade loving hydrangea species, sweet smelling ‘Sweet Box’ or Sarcococca, perfumed ground cover Pachysandra, Mahonia bright yellow, rare Daphne sp., Maples, Tulip Trees, perennials, grasses, dwarf, rare and new conifers, and more exotic delights.

Garden Sundries

Aussie Shade & Hot Houses – Derek and Pam specialise in a versatile range of quality shade and hot houses. Aussie Shade & Hot Houses provide the ultimate in plant protection. Grow and enjoy plants in summer and winter free from the scorching sun, desiccating wind and rain and frost damage. Elegant and robust, our houses will enhance any garden landscape and suit a diverse range of grower requirements. Manufactured in Australia with high quality materials, our modular range of u-PVC frames offers the perfect growing solution.

Anshaw Art - Brenda will be bringing along her range of original and limited edition architectural and water feature artwork for home, gallery and office.

Brockmetal Craft


Gecko Decko - Gecko Decko is an exciting range of indoor/outdoor metallic giftware, the most popular being the metallic wall art with which customers enjoy decorating their garden walls and fences. Angela offers a great range of Australian and exotic creatures.

Kwik Kerb – Steven’s Kwik kerb garden edging is a continuous concrete edging. Manufactured in a large range of colours, patterns and profiles. Manufactured on site to suit the clients requirements and applications. Some of the different applications are, Garden edging, Driveway edging, Mower strips and Car Park edging.  Steven and his team have over 2,000 colour and pattern combinations.
They will also rejuvenate concrete surfaces with a large range of patterns and colours. Steven also offers concrete re sealing services. He has recently become authorised Granicrete installers. Using 3D building products and polymer flooring to make every product they manufacture unique and  able to better  suit the clients requirements.

Pot Slots - have been designed to hold terracotta pots in an attractive and space saving manner. There are hanging, wall mounted, free standing versions available with huge display potential. Create herb gardens, flower gardens and more.

Pro-Kut – Dionne has a range of top quality Garden tools including Ratchet Secateurs, Ratchet Powerloppers and Telescopic Pole and Pruner. Pro-Kut offer the quality and labour saving tools from 2WP. These revolutionary tools are a boon in the garden.

Sage Horticultural – Bob and Cedric specialise in gardening products for the home gardener. Including haws watering cans, plant mates, spiral stakes, gardeners knees, fertilisers, grow boxes, greenhouses and more. They have their fingers on the pulse of up coming garden innovations. They also take the lead in creating their own range of home gardening gear.

Waterwand - A WaterWand is a solar-powered garden pump designed to deliver the right amount of water to your plants. It can be used to water garden beds, hanging baskets, vertical walls, flowerpots, in the greenhouse and for hydroponics. It’s great for establishing saplings and it’s perfect for vegetables.

Whirly Windmills – Danielle has a colourful range of garden ornaments. Including bird baths, colourful windmills and fun magnets. (Saturday only)

Wyndy Worm farm - is the Australian distributor of the The VermiHut Worm Farm and Wyndywood Bokashi Bins. The VermiHut comes in 3 great colors, Firestone red, Sandstone cream and Claystone beige. Compost worms are also available, and special package deals have been made for Worm farm and Bokashi bin kits to save you money. Other accessories will also be sold for the two composting methods. Organic liquid fertilizers made from using bokashi processes as well as heaps of worm castings will be on sale. Bulk wholesale enquiries for both composting units are also welcome for retail nurseries etc. Please come along and say hello.

Yarra Glen Girl Guide plant Crèche - Save your back and store your purchases with the Yarra Glen Girl Guides. For a gold coin donation they will also transport your goodies to your car.

Food Vendors

Caffe Alfresco – Margaret and Neville make delicious coffee, tea and hot chocolates, as well as some yummy biscuits.

Country Fair Poffertjes – Wiel and Philomein make the most delicious Dutch treat, Poffertjes. In Holland you can find them in Poffertjes Parlours, carnivals and country fairs. Poffertjes date back hundreds of years, and through Dutch influences have reached as far as the Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the West Indies and of course here in Australia. The traditional way of eating Poffertjes is with icing sugar and butter, but you can also have them with a range of toppings such as lemon, maple, strawberry or chocolate with the ultimate indulgence jam and cream. Country Fair Poffertjes was founded in 1976 and since then it has travelled to shows and events (including the Tesselaar Tulip Festival) all around Australia, the business even has a branch in Holland!

Seville Hill Boutique Vineyard – Hints of oak, traditional and modern wine making techniques are used to create soft, smooth and classic selections that will bring pleasure to those who enjoy fine wines. Taste some of Josie’s delicious selection.

Silvan CFA – When their not out saving homes and fighting fires the men and women of this noble service are behind the BBQ raising money. Enjoy delicious food and support a worthy cause.

Timboon Fine Ice-cream – delicious gourmet ice-cream home made from quality all natural ingredients. The innovative flavours include white chocolate and raspberry, Irish cream and the gold medal winning Turkish Delight. Very tempting.

Victorian Baked Potatoes – John and Mia bake delicious potatoes with a variety of toppings. They have an established reputation as the best in the business.